International Robofest Site Directors

The number of teams invited to the World Robofest Championship is determined based on the national level number of teams for each country. 

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Exclusive National Site Host Directors, Sponsors and Contact Information:

 China: Mr. Yang Zhao, Young+ – zhaoyang (at) youngplus (dot) net


 Egypt: Mr. Ayman El Kabbany, TechnoFuture Egypt – ayman (at) sis (dot)


 Ghana: Dr. Yaw Okraku-Yirenkyi, Ghana Robotics Academy Foundation - yaw.okrakuyirenkyi722 (at) gmail (dot) com


  Hong Kong: Mr. Jacky Yau, Robot Institute of Hong Kong - jacky (at) rihk (dot) com


 India: Mr. Imtiaz Khan, Novatech Robo - robotic999 (at) gmail (dot) com


Lebanon Mr. Ghazi Matweh, Education and Technology Center  - ghazi (at) etclb  (dot) com


 Macau: Mr. Jacky Yau, Robot Institute of Hong Kong - jacky (at) rihk (dot) com


 Mexico: Dr. Ramiro Marrero Quintana, CENIPAD - drmarrero10 (at) yahoo (dot)


 South Africa: Mr. Pieter Pretorius, Trophy Computers and Robotics – Pieter(at) trophyrobotics (dot)


 South Korea: Mr. Stephen Seungdong Baek, Hanyang University / Robot Education Contents Association – sdbaek (at) robofest (dot)


National Site Host Directors, Sponsors and Contact Information*: 

 Canada: Mr. Gary Walsh, Acadia University, Nova Scotia - rpc.director(at) acadiau (dot) ca


 Colombia: Mr. Jose Cuida, Gimnasio Campestre, Bogata - jose_1105 (at) hotmail (dot) com


 Romania: Ms. Stefania Soiman, Children's Palace (Palatul Copiilor Suceava), Suceava - stefania.soiman (at) yahoo (dot) com


 Morocco: Mrs. Imane Bouzoubaa, Techno Future Maroc – technofuturemaroc (at) gmail (dot) com

(*) Multiple Site Host organizations are possible in the country in different regions. If interested in managing the whole country, directors may apply for Exclusive National Site Host Director.

The email addresses are formatted to avoid spammers.