Teams of up to 5 students have complete freedom to enter any *intelligent * autonomous * interactive * robotics project using sensors

  • Jr. Division: 5th ~ 8th grades
  • Sr. Division: 9th ~ 12th grades​

The Exhibition Competitions were held during the 2020 Robofest Online World Championship (ROWC) Events on September 18 (Jr) and September 19 (Sr). 

NEW! AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT SLIDES  (Official Scores will be posted to the Exhibition Event Web Pages)

NEW! Highlight Videos (Jr Exhibition / Sr Exhibition

Official Rules and Related Documents: 

ROWC Exhibition Judge Training Presentation (PDF)
ROWC Exhibition Coach Pre-Meetng Presentation (PDF)
ROWC Exhibition Rules Update Released 7/31/20 - Critical Information for ROWC Participants (PDF)
Pre-Event Checklist for ROWC Exhibition Coaches (PDF)
ROWC Exhibition Judging Rubric (PDF)
2020 Exhibition Rules - Final Version - Released 1/11/2020 (PDF | PPTX)
2020 Exhibition Judging Rubric (Archive - Used for Qualifying Competitions) - Released 10/1/19 (PDF)

We hosted a Mock Online Exhibition Competition on May 19, 2020. See the Summary Videos here:  9 min version      |      32 min version

See the ROWC Official Kickoff Presentation Slides to learn more about the Team and Judge Registraion, Planning and Complete Schedule for the 2020 Robofest Online World Championship  ​

Each team member, as well as the coach and other adult volunteers, must bring the signed Robofest Consent and Release Form on the day of the event if not completed on line.

To see videos of prior year's Exhibition winners: Exhibition Archive Page