2019 Game Competition

Teams of up to 5 students compete to accomplish robotics missions using autonomous robots. Game especially puts math skills to the test.

Robofest Game is open to student teams in 5th through 12th Grade 

  • Jr. Division: 5th ~ 8th grades

  • Sr. Division: 9th ~ 12th grades

This is a qualifying competition. Teams compete at Local events and winners are determined for each division.  Winners advance to the the next level depending on their location (US/Michigan, US/Non Michigan and International) for the chance to compete at the Robofest World Championship at Lawrence Technological University on May 18, 2019.


2019 Season Official Rules and Related Documents: 

2019 Game Rules - FINAL VERSION       


- The use of a jig to align the robot in the start zone IS ALLOWED
- Any movement of the table due to touching, leaning or reaching is considered a VIOLATION 
      - Maintain a queue for each practice table
      - Only contestants holding a robot may stand in line
      - A team cannot occupy the table more than approximately 2 minutes


-To get full points for stacking, a block must: 1) be the color designated on the unknown factor sheet, 2) be stacked on the first same color block from the left, and 3) be stacked on a block that is the correct block and completely in the slot. Examples

-A block loaded in the start zone must be completely within the start zone (on or behind the black line).

-The robot may only carry or push one block at a time out of the Start Zone. Outside the Start Zone, the robot may carry/push more than one block.

-If the robot is picked up outside the start zone, any blocks must be left where they are.

-The robot is considered back inside the starting zone when all the parts of the robot that touch the table surface completely pass the outside edge of the Start Zone line and no parts of the Robot are touching the floor (off the table),

 Example Video 1  -  Example Video 2  -  Example Video 3  -  Example Video 4

2019 Game Score Sheet  - Official Version

Sample Unknown Factor Handouts - for unveiling Unknown Factors and End Task for a round

Additional Scenarios  Examples of unknown factors and perfect scores

Proctor Instructions and Violations Report

Site Host Procedures (US and Option 1 International Sites)

NEW! Judging Information:

Presentation Slides for Judge Training

Judge Training Webinar Recording 

Judge Training Videos:

Judge Training Video 1    -    Judge Training Video 2    -    Judge Training Video 3 

Judge Training Video 4    -    Judge Training Video 5    -    Judge Training Video 6

Prior Versions of Rules:  

2019 US Game Rules - US Kickoff Version

‚Äč2019 International Game Rules - Initial Kickoff Version 

Rules for starting teams, registration, team responsibilities at competitions and how teams advance to the World Championship can be found in the General Rules on the 2019 Main Page

Each team member, as well as the coach and other adult volunteers, must bring the signed Robofest Consent and Release Form on the day of the event if not completed on line.


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