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In order to promote research & development of computer vision and autonomous mobile robotics, we challenge talented high school students with the Vision Robot Competitions during Robofest!

Update 7/10/2020: The Vision Centric Challenge Event at the 2020 World Championship has been canceled. 

Vision Centric Challenge 2020, "CBC" Rules and Related Documents:

Final Version - Released 1/11/20: (PDF | PPTX)

Score Sheet - Released 10/25/19: (PDF | MS Word)

​Prior Versions of Rules:

US kick-off version - Released 10/25/19: (PDF | PPTX)

International kick-off version: (PDF | PPTX)

International kick-off Score Sheet: (PDF | MS Word)

Rules for starting teams, registration and team responsibilities at competitions can be found in the General Rules on the 2020 Main Page.

Each team member, as well as the coach and other adult volunteers, must bring the signed Robofest Consent and Release Form on the day of the event if not completed on line during registration.

Vision Centric Challenge 2019, S-SLAM

S-SLAM Final official version released on Jan 12, 2018

Video of Senior Runs

Video of College 1st Place 

Vision Centric Challenge 2018, FiCO

2018 Vcc "FiCO" Rules (Final official version)
L2Bot workshop with C# and EmguCV files:   PPTX        PDF Slide       WorkshopVideo (78 min.)        C# Project with source code


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