Robofest Exhibition Competitions

Since a game competition with fixed rules may limit students' creativity, Robofest offers a stage for exhibitions to demonstrate their creations. The robotics exhibition is a great way for students to show off their imagination and creativity. Each team has complete freedom to create autonomous robotics projects such as robot pets, robot artists, dancing robots, storytelling with robots, robots for scientific experiments, and practical robotics applications. Teams are composed of one to five members. In general, two students are recommended per robot. Computer controlled robots with sensors may be of any size and can use any material as long as it is safe for team members as well as spectators. Hard-wired remote control is not allowed. However, wireless host computer/robot control via software messages is allowed. Human interaction with the robots is allowed and encouraged.

Some of the best robotic exhibitions since 2002 are as follows:










Jr. Exhibition (World Championship)                                  Sr. Exhibition (World Championship)













Jr. Division First Place: RUFFF - Robotic Ultracool
Furry Friend Feeder

628-1 Dawg Botz, Canton Charter Academy, MI
Sr. Division First Place: ACME: Automatic
Cocoa Making Engine

529-1 CFLG, San Martin, CA


Jr. Division First Place: Robotic Airport

578-1 Masterminds, Muir Middle School and Milford High
Sr. Division First Place: GPS guided robotic boat monitoring and  measuring ecological data

72-1 Robohawks, Farmington Harrison High School, Farmington, Michigan


Jr. Division First Place: Trash Collecting, Waste
Disposal and Recycling Center Robots

578-1 Masterminds, Muir Middle School
Milford, Michigan
Sr. Division First Place: Laptop Robot

41-1 Cranbriik Schools, Michigan


First Place: Hoover Bot

146-1 Crandroids, Cranbrook, Michigan
2nd Place: Salt Bot to remove snow; Fire detecting robot

209-2 No Mercy, Mercy High, Michigan


Judges Award

26-1 Cinemaniacs, Cranbrook, Michigan
Judges Award

26-5 Advanced Beginner Funkie Chickenz,
Cranbrook Kingswood


Judges Award: Lego Surgeons

126-3, Cranbrook Kingswood, Michigan
Judges Award: Robot Skit - The Tortoise and The Hare

56-2, Royal Oak, Dragon Devils Gold, Michigan


Lego Division Judge's Award: Robotics Park

23-1 Bluestreaks Exhibition Team, Ida, Michigan
Advanced Division: Robotic Blimp

2-1 LTU Physics, Lawrence Tech, Michigan