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World Championship 2020

Winner List with Participants Names (PDF)

ROWC Highlight Video

Award Ceremony Presentation Slides: (PDF)


Category Day Date Award Winners Highlight Video Judge Bios Program
Jr. UMC Fri Aug. 28 UMC Awards Jr_UMC Jr_UMC  Jr_UMC
Sr. UMC Sat Aug. 29 UMC Awards Sr_UMC Sr_UMC  Sr_UMC
Jr. & Sr. RoboArts Fri Sep. 11 RoboArts Awards RoboArts RoboArts RoboArts
Sr. & College RoboMed Sat Sep. 12 RoboMed RoboMed RoboMed  RoboMed 
Jr. Exhibition Fri Sep. 18 Exhibition Awards Jr Exh Jr Exhibition Jr Exhibition
Sr. Exhibition Sat Sep. 19 Exhibition Awards Sr_Exh Sr Exhibition Sr Exhibition
Jr. BottleSumo Time Trial Fri  Sep. 25 BSTT Awards Jr_BSTT Jr_BSTT Jr_BSTT
Sr. BottleSumo Time Trial, CL & UL Sat Sep. 26 BSTT Awards Sr BSTT Sr_BSTT Sr_BSTT
Jr. Game - GolfBowl Fri Oct. 9 GolfBowl Awards Jr_GolfBowl Jr_GolfBowl Jr_GolfBowl
Sr. Game - GolfBowl Sat Oct. 10 GolfBowl Awards Sr_GolfBowl Sr_GolfBowl Sr_GolfBowl
5/26/2020 Review Meeting: Slides (Update July 2)
4/24/2020 - Due to the unpredictability of the pandemic in Michigan, we would like to officially announce that in lieu of in-person competitions on Lawrence Technological University’s Campus, we will be hosting the 2020 Robofest Online World Championship events in Late August ~ October using video conferencing tools such as Zoom. The online series of events will include 2020 GolfBowl Game and Exhibition categories as well as Unknown Mission Challenge, RoboArts, RoboMed, and BottleSumo Time Trials
Coronavirus Announcement 3/13/2020
Coronavirus Announcement 3/20/2020
Class of 2020 Recognition Video | PDF

World Championship 2019

2019 Poster  (pdf - 11x17" paper)

List of Winning Teams  Main Categories (Game, Exhibition, RoboArts and Vcc)  |   Open Categories (BottleSumo, RoboArts, UMC, RoboParade)

List of Winning Teams With Contestant Names: Main Categories   |   Open Categories 

Official Results

Official Program  (PDF) with official list of teams and Schedule of Events  (28 pages)

Bios of Exhibition, RoboArts, and RoboParade Judges

Live Stream Videos from the 2019 World Championship:

Thursday, May 16, 2019 - Jr. BottleSumo:
Friday, May 17, 2019 - Roboparade:
Friday, May 18, 2019 - Sr. BottleSumo: 
Saturday, May 18, 2019 - Robofest Game:

World Championship 2018

2018 Poster (pdf - 11x17" paper)

List of Winning Teams Main Categories (Game, Exhibition, RoboArts and Vcc)   |  Open Categories  (BottleSumo, UMC, and RoboParade)

List of winning teams with contestant names:   Main Categories    |   Open Categories

Official Results:

Official PROGRAM  (PDF) with official list of teams and Schedule of Events

Bios of Exhibition and RoboArts Judges


World Championship 2017

Main Categories List of Winners (Game, Exhibition, and Vcc)

Open Categories List of Winners (BottleSumo, GRAF, UMC, RoboParade)

Official Results:

Official Program in PDF with list of teams​ and Schedule of Events

Bios of Exhibition, GRAF, RoboParade, Robot Drawing Judges


​​World Championship 2016

World Championship 2015

World Championship 2014