NEW! Certification from Robofest for is available for for EV3 Programmer and WeDo 2 Scratch


Upon Successful Exam Completion, e-certificates are available for $20 each


STEP 1:  Go to https://www.schoology.com,  log in or sign up, and register for the desired course:

 Certification course options are:  “EV3 Certification” (code QMKH-HZ3D-NW2KJ) or "WeDo 2 Scratch" (COMING SOON)

STEP 2:  Fill out the Google Form (Robofest Certification Test Access) to gain access to the exam (in Schoology or here: https://forms.gle/svxfzqCLgJjptCBMA).  The exam will then be added to your Schoology course.  You will receive an email message within 24 hours to notify you that the exam is ready

STEP 3:  Take and pass the exam (90% or better, max 1 try)

STEP 4:   If you pass, fill out the Robofest eAcademy Certificate Request Form  https://forms.gle/QeEbvzJkcPt8467x5. (If you do not pass, retakes are available for $5. To request a retake exam, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

STEP 5:  Once the Robofest eAcademy Certificate Request Form is received by Robofest, Robofest will send a PayPal invoice. The cost for the e-certificate is $20

STEP 6:  Robofest will review and send e-certificate to the newly certified participant


Schoology is a Learning Management System that allows students to take classes on line.  You can view course material, get assignments, and take quizzes to test knowledge.  To access the material, do the following:

1. Go to https://app.schoology.com/register.php and click "Student" OR students with accounts can use https://app.schoology.com/login

2. Enter the class code

3. Fill in the form and click "Enter"


NEW! EV3 Certification Preparation Guide here 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is only one attempt allowed? May I retake the exam? Ans)  We want to emphasize preparing for the exam, versus finding the answers through the process of elimination. Retakes may be granted by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Why aren’t the correct answers given after I submit?  Ans) We are striving for a true test of knowledge, rather than knowing the answers through memorization or repetition.
  • How can I prepare for the exam?  Ans) Use the preparation guide. Hands on experience with the EV3 system and Robofest competitions is also helpful.

Judge Certification

2020 BottleSumo Judges Certification  class code: 2RDZ-4PJB-TP324

2020 GolfBowl Judges Certification  class code:  N3TM-67K8-BXF8S